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#109 - Don't Never Give Up
June 21, 2018 08:50 AM PDT
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It's been a month...we are back on the Front Porch! Join Matt and Mark as they give you an update from Camp Ascend and discuss stewarding the open heaven.

The open heaven according to the Lord is to stay open through communion. Enjoy.

#108 - More Fuel For the Contemplative Life
May 30, 2018 07:19 AM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they just add more fuel for the fire in the contemplative life. The Lord is raising up a people desperate for union with Jesus.

So here is another episode to help those looking for help and resource in this lifestyle.

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#107 - What Is The Contemplative Life?
May 22, 2018 09:35 AM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they discuss the subject of contemplative prayer. Many have sent in questions asking what it is and how to apply it in their lives.

This episode is packed full of quotes, scripture, and stories that will help you discover what is contemplative life. We hope you enjoy. Make sure to share with a friend.

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#106 - Catching Up
May 07, 2018 08:45 AM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch for an update on the past month here in South Carolina. The Lord called the family into a special time of prayer. We were being gripped by one holy passion.

Sermon - The Song of the Lamb
April 24, 2018 09:12 AM PDT
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Listen to this message from Mark Casto preached at the North Gate. In this episode, we will glean from Revelation chapter 5 concerning the Song of the Lamb sung by angels and saints.

Every revolution and revival had a sound. From the American Revolution to the Welsh Revival, there were songs that announced a new age. So let's learn how to sing the prophetic song of the Lamb together in our day!

#105 - Life More Abundantly
April 09, 2018 09:00 PM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they recap the weekend in Carolina Revival and continue to go deeper into this revelation of resurrection life. Jesus has granted us access to eternal life now not just in the life to come. Many today are living far below the privileges of a child of God and it is because of our poor theology.

Let's rock on the Front Porch together and talk about Life More Abundantly.

#104 - It's All About Jesus
April 03, 2018 03:00 AM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they give the continual reminder that it's all about Jesus! We are witnessing so many men and movements get caught up in the nuances of Jesus' world and miss the most important aspect of the Kingdom...the King!

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#103 - False Friends, False Prophets
March 26, 2018 09:00 PM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they continue the discussion of the prophetic and it's desperate need to be fueled by friendship with God. If we are to receive prophecy or give prophecy correctly it has to come from the burning heart of Yahweh.

In this episode, you will hear a little-known portion about Lucifer in Ezekiel 28 and how it relates to trafficking in the spirit. Yes, the ultimate manifestation was Lucifer's pride, but also he was in trouble for desecrating the holy place by his trafficking. Lucifer traveled into places in the spirit realm that was outside of his permission. Can we make that same mistake?

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Sermon - Seeing Is Essential
March 22, 2018 09:00 PM PDT
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This message was recently shared in Kannapolis, NC at City Revival Church. In this message, Mark shows us how essential seeing in the spirit is to the life of the believer.

Even though this message is specific to that church you can glean from the revelation shared.

#102 - Exploring Higher Dimensions In the Prophetic
March 20, 2018 07:26 AM PDT
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Join Matt and Mark on the Front Porch as they talk about "Exploring Higher DImensions in the Prophetic", an invitation into friendship with God that deepens our trust and exposes counterfeits.


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